An Environmental Initiative Program


Field Stewards is a farmer-company partnership that protects water quality in a company’s own backyard while simultaneously furthering their business goals. It is a simple, low-cost program that takes steps to protect your supply chain, local community and reputation.

Compared to the difficulty of tracking and changing an untraceable supply chain, Field Stewards is a low-cost, efficient way for businesses to further sustainability goals while investing in farmers and local communities.


Please contact Greg Bohrer, Associate Director, Agriculture and Environment at Environmental Initiative, at 612-334-3388 ext. 8112.

Though we are wrapping up our corn and soybeans pilot in central Minnesota with JustBare™, Field Stewards can work with any type of crop production. Our certification standard is flexible – allowing farmers to tailor water quality protection to the crops they grow and the way they farm. We are currently seeking new partnerships with farmers, local conservation organizations, and food companies. Please contact us if you would like to explore this opportunity.


Currently, Field Stewards is finishing up a 3-year pilot project working with farmers in Stearns County, Minnesota. This pilot was funded by the GNP Company (now Pilgrims Pride) on behalf of the Just BARE™ brand of premium chicken.

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